The Massage Culture in Asia


Studies show that Asian massage is one among the oldest form of alternative therapy enjoying immense popularity at present. The first written record available on the topic suggests that Chinese massage may have been with us from the fourteenth century itself. Whatever is the speculation about its origin, one thing is sure, Asian massage culture claims the right to be proud of its rich and long history.

How does an Asian massage help your body?

Asian massage involves the manipulation of your skin and muscles in such a way as to help you feel relaxed and refreshed. Whatever is the type of massage you opt for, it has to be an experience which leaves you feeling energetic. This happens quite naturally because when the muscles are relaxed, your body regains its earlier agility. And, the best known among the different kinds of massage services available at present is massage Singapore.

Services offered

Your decision to opt for massage Singapore gives you two options to choose from; in-room or outcall services. As the names suggest, in-room service offers you the luxury of the massage therapist coming to your room and offering the service as per your requirements. An outcall service requires you to visit the therapist in his/her location. Whatever is your choice, opting for a reputed therapist helps you enjoy all the health benefits massage Singapore has in store for its clients. However, be mindful of the rumors or practices capable of spoiling the reputation of the rich Asian massage culture. Do not forget to check the credentials of your favorite massage therapist.

A few additional options

Know that Asian massage offers you an astounding number of options for you to choose from. Here are a few of the kind easily available in the US. Knowing your options in the nation would be of help if you are someone who plans to have a massage at regular intervals.

  1. Shiatsu:

This is the Japanese version of the massage therapy. Here, the one who gives massage makes use of your pulse to determine which part of your body needs special care. This form of treatment uses a variety of techniques to help your body restore its earlier healthy relationship with the five elements of nature. One example of such relationship is the connection of our kidney with water.

  1. Tui-na:

This is ideal for someone who leads a stressful life. Here too, the therapist understands your physical condition by checking your pulse. If it is found out that your water-pulse is weaker in comparison to the others of the kind, you may be required to talk of the thing which troubles you most. The greatest advantage of this type of massage is that it tries to eliminate the root cause so that its reoccurrence is prevented.

  1. Thai massage:

Known to be the most popular among Asian massages, Thai massage helps you feel healthy and invigorated. And, getting the most out of a massage sessions asks for an understanding of the options available for you.

If you are on a long vacation to Singapore or to any other country in Asia, the best option is always massage Singapore.


Different Kinds Of Massage For Your Comfort

There is nothing like going for a massage session. Irrespective of the gender the therapy is enjoyed by all and can be taken as a treatment for many diseases and most often to reduce stress. However, when you plan to take the next appointment you should know about the different type of massages available to make sure that you are able to benefit the most.

  • Swedish Massage: This can be considered as the most common of all. If you are planning to go for massage therapy for the first time then you should take an appointment for the same. It involves long strokes and a lot of massage oils and lotions.
  • Aromatherapy Massage: In this type of massage a lot of essential oils are used, which are extracted from essential plants. They are the best when you are emotionally disturbed and are going through stress regarding the same.
  • Hot Stone Massage: For this type of massage smooth stones are heated and placed on the body to make sure that the muscles are relaxed and energy gets balanced in their body. This is considered to be the best for people who have been going through muscle tensions and prefer a light massage.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: Here the pain muscles are targeted. The massage therapist will apply extra pressure on the muscles that are causing pain in the body with the help of friction techniques and slow strokes. It helps in recovering problems of repetitive stress, painful muscles, postural problems, internal injuries and related problems.
  • Shiatsu Massage: This is a based on a Japanese concept, where the therapist holds pressure on a particular point for two to eight seconds making sure that the flow of blood and energy is systemized. Anyone who has tried this type of massage has fallen in love with the results.
  • Thai Massage: This can be considered as an extension to the Shiatsu Massage. This type of massage not only involved putting pressure on particular body points but at the same time includes stretching of body parts. One can even consider it to be an exercising session where the body is not only relaxed but is also made healthy.
  • Pregnancy Massage: The expected mother go for this type of massage. Here the therapist is aware about the body situation and knows how to handle the body. It not only helps in relaxing the body but at the same time reduces the swelling, stress, pain, anxiety and even depression.
  • Reflexology Massage: One can also term it as foot massage. Although in this type of massage the oils and lotions are applied on the foot but all the body organs are taken into consideration. It is not only relaxing but at the same time also helps in keeping the body healthy.
  • Back Massage: Your back bone helps in providing strength to your entire body. A back massage session in usually for thirty to forty minutes however is able to help you get the comfort that you might have been looking for.